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The Role of PR in B2B Marketing - B2B Marketing Leaders Webinar with Rob Skinner & Claire Lamb

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The Role of PR in B2B Marketing - B2B Marketing Leaders Webinar with Rob Skinner & Claire Lamb

On Thursday, we held our B2B Marketing Leaders Webinar - The Role of PR in B2B Marketinghosted brilliantly by Rob Skinner and Claire Lamb from Skout PR. This was the second run of this session following the success of the first Webinar on the 18th of June. 

Huge thanks to Rob and Claire for hosting such an insightful Webinar (twice!) which once again received great reviews! Thanks also to everyone that joined us on both sessions. 


The webinar focused on 3 key topics of discussion:  


Measuring the unmeasurable: PR as part of your marketing metrics? 

The importance of integrating PR into your whole marketing mix and how rather than being treated as a stand-alone element, PR can be a very useful tool within your multi-channel communication strategy. Rob discussed how to set clear goals and choose the most effective PR metrics for your business. 


Five ways to make your brand more relevant to the media 

Claire talked about how to make your brand relevant to the press, how to overcome PR challenges caused by the increasing length of B2B buying cycles, the importance of story-telling and how to tackle the disconnection between what your B2B brand wants to say, and what the press wants to hear! 


Can PR help you convert leads into revenue? 

In short...YES! In the final section of the webinar, Rob discussed how PR can have a positive long-term effect on building brand awarenessPR’s impact on the buyer journey and ultimately how PR can support sales and lead generation as an integral part of your integrated marketing mix. 


Skout PR are an award-winning agency, specialising in b2b communications. You can find out more about their services and how they could help your business HERE


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