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Forward Role's Market-Leading Parental Package

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Forward Role's Market-Leading Parental Package

​Here at Forward Role we have a true commitment to our Rollers, we offer many employment perks but more importantly we have a truly supportive and nurturing environment. We welcome suggestions and are more than happy to incorporate viable proposals into our package.

As a result, I am overjoyed to announce we have a market leading contractual parental package available to our staff.

I have been working closely with our MD Brian Johnson on the mechanics of the package and after a lot of market research, we are confident that what we offer sets us apart from other recruitment agencies and other businesses.

Going on parental leave (because this leave can be shared by expectant mums or dads) is an exciting adventure and not one that should be clouded with financial concerns. Forward Role’s new package eradicates these anxieties for any new parents, whether starting or growing their families.

As a working mum, I know the challenge of juggling home life with a career. Many people say ‘you can’t have it all’ but you absolutely can if your employer offers you the necessary flexibility and support. Forward Role is a perfect example and we now employ the largest number of working mums and dads in our business history. We allow our parents to alter their hours, attend sports days, nativity plays, appointments or an early finish for a visit to the park with no questions asked.

Loyalty and commitment works both ways. And that’s something we at Forward Role have definitely accomplished.

To learn more about what it’s like to work at Forward Role get in touch with Rachel Wheeler

Rachel Wheeler is Product & eCommerce Lead at Forward Role