Job description

Head of Marketing

Head of Marketing

£45,000 - £55,000

Greater Manchester

This growing property group is actively seeking a new Head of Marketing for a brand new position in the business. They are looking for a commercial, results-focused marketer to come in with extensive lead generation experience through digital and traditional B2C channels with a view to improving the quality and quantity of incoming sales leads to the business and managing them through to conversion with the sales team.

The successful candidate will be responsible for the daily management of the Marketing Department and will report into the MD.

Key tasks and responsibilities:

  • Creating strategies related to online marketing and optimisation in order to continuously improve customer propositions and improve ROI
  • Improving business KPIs particularly cost per acquisition of digital leads and their subsequent conversion rates
  • Developing the digital strategy to optimise and improve conversion rates for new customers across desktop and mobile platforms
  • Develop, manage and drive lead generation strategies through digital and traditional channels - PPC, SEO, retargeting, email, website optimisation, social affiliates, google analytics, customer journey, CRM, direct mail
  • The Head of Marketing will oversee all marketing activities of the company, ensuring the department effectively fulfils the organisations agreed strategy 
  • Lead the company’s Marketing team of 1 Manager and 2 Execs
  • Ensure that high quality services are delivered effectively across traditional media and through digital marketing online and via social media
  • Analyse and report on campaign performance across the different channels to constantly manage effectiveness
  • Play a proactive role in integrating new companies into the group following any acquisitions
  • Undertake competitor analysis to ensure the company’s marketing strategy is operating effectively
  • Work closely with other heads of departments and internal stakeholders on company projects
  • Manage the marketing budget and monitor expenditure to make sure resources are used efficiently to help achieve business priorities
  • Oversee recruitment and selection of new members of the marketing team
  • Ensure the brand guidelines are adhered to in all marketing activities across the company
  • Represent the company at industry events and conferences

Knowledge, skills and abilities:

  • Educated to degree standard with excellent written and verbal communication skills and a digital mindset
  • A proven B2C lead generation expert with a strong track record of delivering convertible leads and keeping cost per lead down
  • Be able to demonstrate a successful track record of delivering measurable results in line with budgets
  • Have the ability to communicate effectively with various personalities at various levels within the company
  • Have experience of site optimisation and user experience
  • Have the ability to think strategically and plan tactically
  • Ability to succeed in a fast paced, highly entrepreneurial company, take on new challenges and grow into new roles
  • Be able to demonstrate evidence of ongoing personal and professional development in previous job roles
  • Have a proven track record of implementing successful campaigns
  • Ability to manage not only budgets but also to lead and inspire staff and oversee projects
  • Able to develop and implement performance management and quality control

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