Amealia Kelly

Contract Recruitment Consultant - Cyber

​My name is Amealia (spelt weird I know - Thanks mum!) and I'm a Contract Recruitment Consultant here at Forward Role, specialising in Cyber Security. I think like most other people I just fell into recruitment, but I haven't looked back since!

Born and raised in Stockport in a little place called Cheadle. Lived here there and everywhere from the lovely countryside of Yorkshire to the blistering deserts of Dubai.

Outside of work you'll find me in the gym, camping, paddle boarding or trying to keep my very energetic Springer Spaniel Hunter entertained and out of mischief!

5 quick questions


1. Favourite box set of all time

It has to be either Friends (to the point I know it word for word) or Game of Thrones

2. Tipple of choice

Completely depends on the day - Vodka lime soda in the summer or a flavoured Gin and lemonade.


3. Spirit Animal

Manta Ray (I watched Moana and became obsessed)


4. Favourite album

I think I was born in the wrong era but anything Elvis Presley! But closer to my lifetime Luke Combs - Gettin' Old!


5. Talent for...

Finding the best places to eat no matter where I am in the world! Also finding unreal last-minute trips away (£9 flights to Paris JS!)