Daniel Lee

Recruitment Consultant - Contract ERP

​Hi, I’m Dan.

I’ve joined the contract recruitment team specialising in ERP systems. I’m from London originally but have lived up north for 10+ years and have fallen in love with it. The people are nicer and everything is cheaper!

I have over a decade’s worth of Sales experience that has taken me all over the world, to selling VIP Clubs and Luxury Yacht rentals in Marbella to selling 5 star event spaces and penthouses in Manchester.

My work ethic can be directly linked back to my time studying Martial Arts. With several national championships and becoming one of the youngest black belts in UK at the age of 14, my love of combat sports still fuels my competitive nature today.

Outside of work I keep myself busy with staying fit, spending time with my partner and running my side hustle of customising trainers and shoes!

5 Quick Questions

1. Favourite Boxset?

All the Marvel movies and series (I’m a huge comic book geek)

2. Tipple of choice?

Fizzy Vimto

3. Spirit animal?

A dog. Any dog, because dogs are amazing (can you tell I’m a dog person?)

4. Favourite Album

Dizzee Rascal, Boy in the corner

5. Talent for…

Drawing and dancing