Gabriela Perez

Principal Consultant - Cloud & Infrastructure

​I am Gabriela and I am a Principal consultant working within the Cloud and infrastructure contract space. All in all I have around five and a half years recruitment experience but took a little time out a few years ago to try build a career with horses, however the money is definitely not the same! So I am back!

I am currently living in the city centre but keep my horse down in Dunham Massey, its great because I get the balance of city life and connecting with my animals in nature - my happy place!

I have also been on a very profound spiritual path the last 5 years, I love crystals, meditation, journaling and love to help and empower the people around me.

5 quick questions

1.Favourite boxset of all time

My favourite box set of all time without a doubt has to be friends, I’ve had it on circulation for about 15 years and will continue to do so! Never gets old!!

2.Tipple of choice

I have decided to live a more sober lifestyle this year HOWEVER that being said if I am going to treat myself ,I am partial to a spicy margarita, NO SALT!

3. Spirit animal

Horse - I have been obsessed with them since I was about three, I owned my first pony Bobby for 17 years and my current horse Bailey for three! They are so spiritual and I have a very deep connection with them.

4. Favourite album

Usher 8701- I know pretty much every song word for word!

5.Talent for…

Connecting and training my animals. I would like to compete my horse at a national level in the coming years as well as getting my dog to Crufts!