Kathryn O'Neill

Recruitment Consultant - Creative

Hey, I’m Kath and I’m a Creative Consultant on the Agency team. I’m Irish but have lived and studied in London and Manchester the last 4-5 years.

I am so excited to continue my knowledge of recruitment with Forward Role. Coming from a background of singing, dancing and acting – I am very confident, bubbly and not afraid of hard work. I love meeting new people and building great relationships, I can’t wait to do this in my new role. 

When I’m not in work, some of my hobbies include working out, singing, dancing and acting. I also love going to watch shows, films and out to eat with my friends. I am a very family – orientated person and truly obsessed with animals!

5 Quick Questions

1. Favourite boxset of all time

One Tree Hill or Modern Family – OBSESSED.

2. Tipple of choice

I do love a good Pornstar Martini.

3. Spirit animal

Even though someone told me I look like a cartoon deer once, I would say a cheetah. Although I’m very patient and always preparing myself for what is coming next, I am fast-thinking and able to react quickly in negative situations to change them to positive ones.

4. Favourite album

I listen to everything from Andrea Bocelli to Phil Collins to Musicals, but I would say favourite album is probably Meatloaf Bat Out of Hell.

5. Talent for…

Musical Theatre and giving a great hug.