Lee Farghaly

Marketing Executive

​Hi, I’m Lee and I’m the Marketing Exec here at Forward Role. Working in retail for a long long time throughout College and Uni, then beyond, I entered the Recruitment world in my previous role back in 2016, focusing on Recruitment Marketing from 2017.

Born and raised in Stockport, I now currently live down the road from Stockport County’s football ground, although luckily I was raised a Man City fan (it’s not been a bad last 10 years).

Outside of work I have a constant ongoing battle to drag myself into my garage which I have converted into a gym. Some days are good, some not so good.


5 quick questions


1.      Favourite box set of all time

Hands down ‘24’, and for anyone who hasn’t seen it you need to watch it. I even took a day off work when they released a 24 game on the PS2 in 2006!


2.      Tipple of choice

It really depends on the time and occasion, although I’m not a big fan of lager or red wine. Anything else is a potential option.


3.      Spirit animal

Cheetah – mainly because I loved them as a kid as I was really fast and did sprinting for my school. Now it’s more like a sloth.


4.      Favourite album

Linkin Park – Hybrid Theory (Timeless)


5.      Talent for

Memory. I can remember passwords for everything, bank account numbers, strangely always known my National Insurance number off the top of my head. Even remember phone numbers of different people from when I was a kid. You would also struggle to beat me in a quiz on Premier League history in the last 15/20 years.