Molly Turner

Recruitment Consultant - Digital - London

​My name’s Molly and I’m part of the Digital Contract team at Forward Role. I previously worked in Psychology alongside my degree in Liverpool, and I joined the recruitment world originally in 2022, specialising in renewable energy markets.

Originally from Wolverhampton, but currently living in Liverpool I am looking to move to Manchester very soon!

Outside of work I love to travel, and last year I did a 6 month trip across Asia and Central America (it was amazing!). I also love to go out and have fun, which normally includes a few drinks.

5 quick questions

1. Favourite boxset of all time

You can’t go wrong with the friend’s boxset, it’s a classic!

2. Tipple of choice

If I had to pick it would be between red wine and a vodka lime soda. However, after a few drinks I do love A LOT of tequila shots!

3. Spirit animal

Turtles – I have always loved them since I was younger and I’ve had many opportunities to dive with them, and help out at sanctuaries during my travels

4. Favourite album

Rumours – Fleetwood Mac

5. Talent for…

Cooking. I’ve always loved cooking since I was younger and I used put together new dishes with my dad every weekend. Since living with my friends, I am now the designated cook. My favourite dish to cook is a curry – but I think that’s because I’m from Birmingham.