Paul Charles

Senior Consultant - Cyber Security

Hi I’m Paul! I’ve just returned to the UK after a very long hiatus overseas living in France, Germany, Czech Rep and Luxembourg, I’ve been recruiting for cyber security companies since 2017 and recruitment more generally since April 2016. I’m very well embedded now in the cyber security market and regularly get asked to contribute on podcasts and streams to help the community. I’m also the owner of a cyber-security jobs Discord channel, helping juniors with their quest to become the next best hacker in the industry!

I’ve joined the Forward Role Technology team to help support their growth strategy and build the cyber security portfolio! I’m sure we’ll go from strength to strength, with a cyber-industry that is booming, more so since several high-profile companies and even big public sector organisations have suffered attacks and breaches of their own security. If a hospital can be held to ransom in a pandemic no one stands a chance, unless we work together and get the good guys to where they need to be!

Outside of work I’m usually planning my next trip, I’ve had plenty of time recently to plan the next one! I’m also a very big gamer on PC which is one of the reasons that got me into Twitch streaming and Discord in the first place as they are both gaming tools originally

5 quick questions

 1. Favourite boxset of all time

The Punisher, apparently they’re making more seasons now! Can’t wait!

 2. Tipple of choice

Whiskey on the rocks if it’s after 6PM. Otherwise soft drinks, but never Fanta

 3. Spirit animal

Labrador, I love meeting people

4.Favourite album

Racine Carree by Stromae

5. Talent for…

Singing loudly and badly