Phill Carlin

Non-Executive Finance Director

After spending 20 years working at a senior level for a number of organisations across a variety of industries and sectors, including recruitment, I decided to take the leap of faith and set up my own business, offering a part time/interim Finance Director service to the SME business world.

I recognised that there are many SME businesses that need the experience and skills of a strong Finance Director/CFO but are unable to afford them full time. Therefore, my aim is to provide an experienced service at an affordable cost, on an interim, part time or project basis. Providing financial and commercial control to the business, allowing the key operatives to focus on their entrepreneurial and operational strengths. 

Since I set up my business 2 years ago, I have worked with some incredibly talented business leaders. What sets these individuals apart from the rest, is that they had the foresight and confidence to recognise the skills shortage within their business, engaging with external support to bridge these gaps. I gain an immense amount of pleasure and satisfaction from watching these people develop through the process, driving their business forward with the confidence they are operating within a controlled and stable environment.

Ultimately, my aim is to add value, provide a controlled financial environment with a strategic level of support that assists the Forward Role management team to progress onto the next phase of their journey.

5 quick questions

1.          Favourite boxset of all time

The Americans – two Russian agents move to the USA posing as a married couple, have 2 kids and look like the All American dream family… but they so aren’t - incredible tense drama gutted when it came to the end.

2.         Tipple of choice

Dona Maria Reserve – Portuguese Red Wine – not tasted anything nicer in the world.

3.          Spirit animal

Whale Shark – guilty by association to other similar named fish but actually once you get past the name and size they are sociable beings who can mix very successfully with the majority of god’s creatures.

4.          Favourite album

Hothouse Flowers – People… takes me back to my happy place. Currently listening to the Lewis Capaldi album - great singer and related to Dr Who… a man who clearly has no need for any chat up lines.

5.          Talent for…

Every season coming up with optimistic reasons to continue my support and belief that Everton will come good again.