Tiffany Moggridge

Recruitment Consultant - Tech (Europe)

​Hi there, I’m Tiffany (Tiff for short!) and I’ve been in the Sales and Recruitment space now for roughly 2 years, starting with Door-To-Door sales and making the transition into the world of IT Recruitment. One thing I love about Recruitment is how no two days feel the same- organised chaos is the best way to describe it. There’s always an opportunity to learn something new!

Outside of work, I keep myself busy with either the uncomfortably expensive hobby that is my motorbike, or you can find me at home playing videogames- anything competitive and I’m there.

5 quick questions


1. Favourite box set of all time

Not a TV Series but does the Lord of The Rings trilogy count? Extended edition, of course.


2. Tipple of choice

Nothing like a vodka with cranberry juice. Orange juice on some days when I feel like switching it up.


3. Spirit animal

A cat, most definitely. One of those really chunky ones you see online that people push around in prams. That’s the life, right there.

4. Favourite album


5. Talent for...

Cooking- I make some pretty mean recipes such as pasta from scratch, soups and once- sushi. The added bonus is having something to eat after, which is my second best talent.